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The Feature Film Struggle in Hainan Vividly Records that University of Sanya Cultivates Fintech Talents for Hainan From A High Starting Point

2020/3/27 10:02:25

On March 24, the feature film Struggle in Hainan, which was produced by the TV programme Chronicle of Hainan Island of Hainan TV and reflects the struggle story of international teachers and students of University of Sanya (USY), was officially aired.


The feature film Struggle in Hainan reflects the struggle story of international teachers and students of USY was officially aired

From the perspective of a group of international teachers and students’ striving in Saxo Fintech Business School of USY, this feature film tells the course of hard struggle of USY that cultivates fintech talents for Hainan province from a high starting point with responsibility and foresight of an university under the background of building Hainan Free Trade Port.


The year 2020 is the opening year of building Hainan Free Trade Port. More and more international financial institutions are being introduced into Hainan, and the connection of Hainan and global market is gradually opening up. The dilemma of insufficient high level talent reserve in Hainan's fintech sector calls for a breakthrough. In this context, USY cooperated with Saxo Bank of Denmark in July 2018 to establish the Saxo Fintech Business School, the first college jointly run by a Chinese university and an overseas financial institution, which aims to introduce the professional bank transaction platform and financial concept of Saxo Bank of Denmark into higher education and cultivate fintech talents for Hainan from a high starting point.


USY cultivates fintech talents from a high starting point

Students could truly become actual traders through diversified resource of Saxo Fintech Business School such as the 24-hour trading day contest, the customizable operation platform supported by six screens, the cross-market multi-asset trading process, all functions and indicators required by professional traders, etc. Not only is it supported by the operating platform and professional technology, but also the Saxo Fintech Business School refers to international standards in curriculum design, examination methods, and academic evaluation. “Our students face a set of standardized banking operating systems in class, so that they can directly experience the marketing environment and the trading tools. It can give students a very good intuitive sense in order that they can really understand the current status of the industry”, said Wu Ruihong, the head of trading of Saxo Bank and the distinguished expert of Saxo Fintech Business School.


Wu Ruihong, the head of trading of Saxo Bank and the distinguished expert of Saxo Fintech Business School shared the curriculum design

As a modern investment bank specializing in online investments in international capital markets, Saxo Bank has an international leading edge. Zhao Xiaojun, the CEO of Saxo Bank in China said, “Saxo Bank’s participation not only brings the most cutting-edge industry information to university education, but also brings a new teaching model for students. Through Saxo Bank’s multi-asset trading platform, we provide students with a space for practice, in which students can apply what they have learned in class about foreign exchange, options, stocks and other product transactions to practical operations. For example, how does it work in real life? what impact will a macro event have on the market? This allows students to apply the theory they have learned to their investment strategies or investment decisions. ”



Zhao Xiaojun, the CEO of Saxo Bank in China shared the multi-asset trading platform

As one of the fastest-growing industries in which the state and enterprises have invested heavily, fintech has a first-mover advantage. Developing fintech is a proper strategy for Hainan Free Trade Port. With the gradual implementation of the policy and system of Hainan Free Trade Port, Hainan will usher in a major historical development opportunity. Standing at a new starting point, the open Hainan will attract more and more strivers, and the open USY will also train more and more professionals to make new contributions to accelerating the construction of Hainan Free Trade Port. “Hainan is now vigorously promoting the construction of the Free Trade Port. Financial industry is one of the very important industries, while it should be supported by technology. By joining Saxo Fintech Business School, I can contribute more to establishing the Free Trade Port in my hometown”, said Chen Xiaoxin, a teacher of Saxo Fintech Business School.



Prof. Lu Dan, the president of USY shared the original intention of running Saxo Fintech Business School

It is the orientation of Saxo Fintech Business School to establish an industry-leading fintech university education and dedicate to cultivate and train fintech talents qualified for positions in global financial enterprises and institutions. “Under the preferential policies of the National Free Trade Zone (Port) granted to Hainan, the international leading multi-asset financial transaction established by USY could provide technical and empirical supports to explore potential industrial product transactions of Hainan’s tourism industry in the future, said Prof. Lu Dan, the president of USY.


USY will speed up the training of fintech talents, and will make new contributions to the construction of Hainan Free Trade Port

The programme Chronicle of Hainan Island is the only TV documentary programme in Hainan with the purpose of human geography, history and folk customs.  The programme has displayed vividly the history of Hainan and the changes of Hainan development deeply in focusing on the perspective of ‘Now’, using ‘Hainan’ as the platform, regarding characters, events, plots and details as the basic elements. The Chronicle of Hainan Island, the only TV programme, was written in the 2016 Hainan Provincial Government.

Video link: http://www.hnntv.cn/video/jishi/hndsj/2020-03-25/441825.html

(Edited by: Xu Ying     Translated by: Liu Peiyun     Proofread by: Song Yidan)