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A Battle Against the Coronavirus,

2020/2/26 16:15:40

The University responded actively and rapidly against the coronavirus outbreak by setting up the Epidemic Prevention and Control Working Group (EPCWG). Under the leadership of EPCWG, various actions and measures have been taken to ensure the safety and health of the international faculty and students on campus. The International students outside Sanya and China send their sincere care and blessings, " We believe in USY. Bless China.”


Vice President Zoe Che, one of the leaders of EPCWG visited and urged the strict implementation of the measures and regulations against the COVID-19

Since January 21st , the International Department has been releasing timely the relevant official Chinese and English news and information to inform the national and provincial policies as well as the university regulations. A Letter of USY to Faculty, Staff and Students" written by the EPCWG was sent to every international student to help them understand the current severe situation and learn ways to prevent against the coronavirus. 


Doctors with the campus hospital are checking up on the international student

In order to minimize the risk of cross infection, the EPCWG implemented the regulatory measures of “sealed management”. All residents on campus are restricted in their own apartments and dorms except for take food at the canteen during the mealtime. Anyone who needs to leave the campus must get the approval of the his school and the EPCWG.


Vitali from Russia wrote the Chinese characters "加油中國”on paper and wish the USY "Everything will be all right."

The University distributed facemasks and hand sanitizer among all the international students and regularly disinfect their apartments. The logistics department purchased the daily necessities and other materials and sell them only after the goods are sterilized. The apartment staff takes the temperature of international students every day, and reports the daily results to the International Department, the EPCWG. The school hospital will also provide health guidance for students who are not well.


We believe in USY. We Bless China!

The foreign students around the world send their blessings to USY and China. Anna, a Russian student, said, “While the epidemic is cruel, the determination to fight back the epidemic is strong. I believe Spring is not far behind with the fall of Winter.  We believe in USY! We bless China!"