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Love without Boundaries, sincere condolences from partner universities and institutes of USY

2020/2/26 14:41:01

Love without Boundaries, at the time when the whole China are fighting against the COVID-19, many partner universities and institutes sent letters to highly evaluate the powerful measures China has taken to combat the epidemic, and expressed deep concern and condolences to the teachers and students of University of Sanya. Expressing their willingness to unite and overcome difficulties together.



Letter from Unvirsiti Tunku Abdul Rahman

In the letter, Prof. Ewe Hong Tat, President of Unvirsiti Tunku Abdul Rahman, representative of UTAR, express a sincere condolences to the teachers and students of our university. “We have seen China's determination and courage to win the battle against the virus. We also applaud the rapid response and execution of the Chinese government, local governments and universities to the epidemic prevention work.”said by Prof. Ewe Hong Tat.


Letter from Niels Brock Copenhagen Business Institute        

Niels Brock Copenhagen Business Institute sent their deep blessings and expectations for the future. ” The world can be a scary place, We cannot know every danger that may be hiding around the corner, and our best plan may not be good enough to protect us in the moment. But this is why partnerships are so important. In time, the immediacy of the situation will pass and together we can rebuild what has been damaged or lost. We can only hope that time will come soon.”



Letter from Berkeley College, USA

Berkeley College also sent their sincere condolences to us. “ After the news from Wuhan, our college received many responses of concern from our teachers and students, they have asked how to provide practical help to you and have initiate a donation campaign.”


Since the start of the epidemic prevention and control work, our university has taken the initiative to accurately calculate and timely transmit relevant data, information, and data in accordance with the unified deployment of the CCP Committee, the State Council, and local government departments. At present, all teachers and students are now safe and not infected! Now our university has begun to work and teach online, try to ensuring safety and minimize the impact on students' academics. The timely greetings and support from partner universities and institutes of USY are becoming another strong force for us to overcome this epidemic.


Reply letter from University of Sanya

Our University also responded and thanked our partner universities and institutes for their condolences and blessing. Let us look forward that . The haze of the epidemic has cleared, and the wind on the land of China are smooth, we can return to a peaceful and bright spring and meet our old friends warmly!